Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dr. Desiree said...

my boyhood buddy micah once suddenly got called off to school in europe, so he asked me if i would be interesting in tending his secret marijuana crop tucked back in the remote pine scrub lands behind his parents' house. i said, "sure." (I mean, what the hell else was I gonna do? I was only washing dishes at a family-owned restaurant, saving up money for expected wild American travels.) He drew me a map, got on a plane, and left me to my own devices. At nights, after work, I'd drive off to the mysterious locale, kill the engine, and roll down old interstitial dirt roads with the headlights off. As I sailed like a phantom, the parking lights gave the immediate land, dirt, and gravel a glow that is, perhaps, as beautiful as friendship itself.

Dr. Desiree said...

interested, that is.

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